BFA loves and believes in kids! We believe in investing in the next generation and we aim to have great environments and groups for your kids at every service throughout the week.  Look below to find where you child can go for each of our services.

Sunday Morning


We have a dynamic environment for 1st-6th graders on Sunday mornings upstairs in the FLC at 10:30. Our fun-loving and passionate coordinators lead children in dynamic worship and song, personal prayer, exciting games, hands-on activities, team Bible memorization, corporate altar times, and community outreach. We encourage each child to grow daily in their walk with Jesus, and to never forget that they're loved by God!


Our Nursery is there to provide a safe and caring environment for our smallest members. Nursery is available for all services throughout the week.

Wednesday Services

Girls Club

Girls Club is BFA's Wednesday Night Connection for girls ages 1st-6th grades at 7:00 pm upstairs in the FLC. We organize classes by age, enabling girls to grow and interact with their peers. Passionate teachers and coordinators interact on a one-on-one level with each girl, as classes work to memorize scripture together, learn Biblical lessons, pray for one another, and reach goals as a team and as individuals. 

Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers is BFA's Wednesday Night Connection for boys ages 1st-6th grades at 7:00 pm upstairs in the FLC. Boys are placed into classes by age, encouraging them to learn and grow with their peers. Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for boys and young men, which provides character formation and leadership development in a highly relational and fun environment. The mission of Royal Rangers is to evangelize, empower, and equip the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Sunday Evening

Children's Small Group

On Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm, all 1st-6th grade boys and girls meet upstairs in the FLC to do activities, study, and play games together.